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Advanced Point of Sale (made easy) is a point of sale system

Barcode (Point Of Sale)
Every business runs on 90% of the same thing over and over - in essence repetitive work. The solution is to develop systems to handle these processes. It is important to understand that you need to systematize the routine things, so that 14 to 15 year olds can run with it, because they are the Managers of tomorrow."

Winux POS Software: Point of Sale System

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you are looking for reasonably priced, easy to use, powerful Point of Sale POS Software program...you've come to the right place. We offer affordable POS Systems to help manage your asset tracking and inventory management for
retail pos software.

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Winux-POS is a windows-based point of sale software system designed for ease of use. It has a fully integrated perpetual inventory management system and a customer database that tracks user preferences and demographic information.

Winux-Pos Systems Corporation provides POS equipment and hardware as a value added service for our inventory control software. Some of the hardware featured on our site is a Bar Code Systems Scanner, POS Receipt Printers, Cash Drawer, Bar Code Printer, and Touch Screen Monitors. Shipment is made within two business days of placing an order. For more information see Contact Us.

WINUX-POS is a windows-based point of sale software system designed for ease of use. It has a fully integrated perpetual inventory management system and a customer database that tracks user preferences and demographic information.

WINUX-POS maximizes the use of keyboard, mouse, hand-held scanner and touch screen. The program screens are simple and designed to flow from the left side of the screen to the right as transactions are entered. The system was designed with touch screen in mind. Product groupings or categories can be shown with icons.
POS Software requirements:

WINUX-POS runs in Windows '95, '98, 2000, Windows NT, and XP. WINUX-POS is also network able. The number of workstations allowed within a network is limited only by the operating system and hardware.
Import/Export Features:

WINUX-POS allows you to import and export inventory and customer information to other office applications (Excel, Lotus123, Quatro-Pro, Word etc.) The export function allows you to update customer information, create labels and analyze customer demographics.
Invoicing Software:

WINUX-POS makes invoicing a breeze. You can:

Have multiple tax level combinations
Do split tender payments - cash, credit, checks, accounts receivable
multiple payment types - cash, credit, checks, coupons, accounts receivable
Create quotes, holds, layaways, work orders
Do customer discounts - set up under customer data
Do accounts receivables
Void transactions.
Inventory Management Software:

WINUX-POS captures inventory information in real time. You will always know your inventory level. The inventory catalog has a security feature so that only authorized staff can add or remove items.

WINUX-POS makes inventory tracking software a breeze. The program contains a full function perpetual inventory management software system. Inventory items are tracked by product category. The program will keep track of your inventory and show you when stock is low and when to re-order.. Up to three tax calculations can be applied to each item. Five inventory types are tracked and accounted for depending on your business needs:

Stocked items--tracks quantity on hand.
Non-stocked--special order items are sold but a physical count is not maintained
Serial numbered items--are tracked individually by their serial number
Services--can be set up on a one time charge or a per hour/day etc. rate
Rentals - Rental works exactly the same way as services or non-stocked items. There is no tracking for date of rental or return. WINUX-POS only identifies the transaction as a rental (not suitable for video stores).

Note: A weighted average cost of goods is maintained on stocked items. Serial numbered items are tracked on actual cost.
Customer Database Software:

WINUX-POS has a customer database that captures demographic information on your customers. Customer information and history are always displayed at the top of the WINUX-POS window. Additional details on the customer are captured in the client folder at the time of sale.
Standard Reports:

WINUX-POS has many reports to help you analyze and adjust your buying practices based on sales and customer history. The Statement of Account report can be printed weekly, monthly, or quarterly and lists each invoice showing aging and balances owing. The Sales by Tender Type report makes cashing out at the end of the day or end of shift simple by totaling cash by type of payment received (credit card, cash, etc.).

Standard Reports:

Serial # Search
Inventory on Hand
Inventory on Hand by Supplier
Sales by Tender Type
Sales Report
Daily Sales Report*
Tax/NonTax Summary*
Clerk Sales Volume
Sales Analysis by Product Line
Margin Analysis by Product Type
Sales GL Summary
Cost of Sales GL Summary
Inventory Received GL Summary
Inventory Reorder Report
Customer List*
Open Order Report
Inventory Price List
Inventory Received Items*
Check Authorization Details*
Accounts Receivable Reports
  A/R Summary Report
  Aging Report*
  Customer Detail Report
  Customer Statement
  Also Reprint Invoice feature*

We can develop customized reports upon request. Customizing ranges between $100 US to $300 US depending on report complexity.
Product Highlights:

Easy to use, easy to learn. Start-up Wizard*


Bar code scanning
Touch screen optimized
Receipt printer and/or laser printer receipts
Search for SKU items by description
Split tender Retail or Wholesale Price Levels
Suspend a transaction and process another
Customer discounts

Your Customer:

Customer database
Name Search on Customer
Customer Categories (user defined demographics)
On- screen customer history

Accounts and Inventory:

Accounts receivable
Perpetual inventory
Negative Inventory*
Inventory re-ordering reports
Inventory Received reports*
Serialized inventory
Add serial numbers at point of sale*
3 user defined tax codes

* New features now available in 3.0


WINUX-POS has 2 security levels:

Supervisor level - this level gives access to all functions in the system

Restricted level (for sales people) - this level provides access to point of sale transaction processing and to the customer database. It restricts access to company profile, product lines (department setups), inventory and accounts receivable.

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